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Reducing Carbon Dioxide, CO2

Jan 10, 2022


Save Environtment

Don't shy away from using wooden product by thinking that you are hurting the environment.

In fact, by using wooden products from sustainable timber harvesting, you could help to reduce CO2 and create better living community.

Find out how does it work from this infographic ->

Your Journey Starts Here

As trees live and grow, they absorb CO2, then store the carbon in their roots, trunks, branches and leaves.

  1. In Non Harvested Forest
    • Old trees absorb CO2 at a much slower rate, which gets even slower as they grow older.
    • When a tree dies, the carbon locked away in its cell is released back into the environment. Trees die because of lightning strikes, forest fires, damage cause by wind or old age / diseases. Fascinating Fact: The death of a 70-year old tree would return about three tonnes of carbon to the atmosphere.
  2. Harvested Forest
    • The mature trees create a canopy which blocks out the sunlight, restricting growth of the under layer. Fascinating Fact: 50% of a tree’s dry weight is carbon!
    • Trees are selectively cut based on Sustainable Forest Management practices.
    • The more timber is used for construction and other wood products, the more carbon is kept imprisoned throughout their lifetime, and the smaller our carbon footprint will be. Fascinating Fast: A hectare of trees absorbs enough CO2 over one year to equal the amount produced by driving a car 101,000km!
    • Selective harvesting opens up the forest canopy, allowing more sunlight to reach the forest floor. This would serve as a catalyst to stimulate the forest growth. Young trees absorb CO2 quickly while they are growing.
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Infographic courtesy from:
Malaysia Timber Council (MTC)


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