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It all started with the heart of our home - Mom

Founded in 2017, Woodalogy is run by a trio of siblings.

Having been brought up in a traditional household with a homemaker mother, their inspirations often gleaned from
the daily household challenges.

Knowing that every nourishing meal their mother put on the table comes from hours of laborious preparation and their sudden realizations
of the hours multiply by four decades of the time their mother spent unconditionally cooking for them, had them vastly electrified.

Wanting to honour their mother who loves cooking, the three siblings after
spending much time researching finally crafted for their mother a cheery shaded and sturdy wooden chopping board.

A beautiful yet practical piece that will stand the test of time just like their mother’s love.

Along their journey of exploration, they had progressively come to broaden their creative horizon that not only involve in producing
various wooden gifts, signages, kitchen and bar products but also taking on home improvement projects.

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