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Made to nourish lives

Not only are we devoted to the acquisition and appraisal of knowledge on all aspects of timber technology,
but also committed in inculcating our customers with the timber knowledge of selecting the most suitable species
for the intended tasks and applications.

Woodalogy chopping boards are made of purposefully selected timber species that have
high natural durability to withstand heavy chopping and cutting as well as endure high moisture environment.

Every pair of hands come in touch with Woodalogy chopping board, every intermittent sound of a knife chopping
on it, every drop of water bathing it will be the evidence of our pledge to the board’s unyielding existence and companion
to your culinary journey.

It all started with the
heart of our home - Mom

Founded in 2017, Woodalogy is run by a trio of siblings.

Having been brought up in a traditional household with a homemaker mother, their inspirations often gleaned from the daily household challenges.

Knowing that every nourishing meal their mother put on the table comes from hours of laborious preparation and their sudden realizations of the hours multiply by four decades of the time their mother spent unconditionally cooking for them, had them vastly electrified.

Not merely hardwood,
it is Heavy Hardwood

We use only selected timber species under heavy hardwood category due to its high natural durability towards a high moisture environment

Heat treatment

Our timber has been heat treated to increase dimensional stability and kill an array of organisms to make it safer for food preparation

Bacterial resistant

Heavy hardwood timber has natural antibodies within themselves which are resistant to bacteria

Eco friendly

Timber has been one of the renowned earth-friendly materials. Food grade mineral oil is used in finishing the board

Easy maintenance

Our board dries easily after every wash due to the dense fibre cells in the heavy hardwood that minimize water absorption

A high performance chopping board that solve every kitchen complication

Give your chopping board an identity

Label your chopping board according to their type of utilities. Engrave the labels directly on the board for an extra finishing touch.

An unswerving companion to help you in creating
your homemade memories